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To Manitoba

Manitoba is a province of opportunities, with warm welcomes, natural beauty, safe communities, and so much more.

So many benefits come with a healthcare career in Manitoba, both on the job and for your family too.


A Place to Call Home

More than just a place to live,
Manitoba is somewhere you can call home.

Manitoba is Affordable!

The average cost of a single family home in Winnipeg is significantly cheaper than many other Canadian cities. Lower cost of living means:

- Competitive tax rates
- Fewer utility costs
- Flexible rental opportunities

Source: The Canadian Real Estate Association

graph of housing prices
photo of the Forks in Winnipeg

Shorter and Easier Commutes

Winnipeg also has one of the shortest average commute times for a large North American city.

Or, if urban living isn’t your style, choose easy drives on open highways by settling in rural Manitoba, where you’ll find affordable properties with large yards and gardens available in many communities.

Some kids are playing in the sprinklers at the public water park

Family Benefits

Enjoy expanded access to affordable child care including government subsidized spaces.

Monetary savings, combined with less time in traffic, means more for your family to enjoy.

Ready to call Manitoba home?
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A Place to Grow

Manitoba offers a wealth of opportunities to advance your career, elevate your skills, and receive incentives and bonuses for your work.

Make the Most of Your Skills

Feel supported in your role with mentored orientation, tight-knit teams and relocation support to make your move easier.

Make a big difference in small communities by joining the Provincial Float Pool and Travel Nursing program, putting your widest range of skills to use.

Enjoy Benefits and Incentives

Earn a variety of cash and benefit incentives, including programs to recognize full-time workers, weekend and evening premiums, overtime pay and health and wellness support.

Receive licensure and credential reimbursement for regulated professions, and benefit from tuition rebates and programs to support education and training to help you take advantage of opportunities to advance in your career.

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A Place to Enjoy

From polar bears to street parties, living in Manitoba means many opportunities for adventure.
You’ll never be bored.

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A Hub of Diversity

Manitoba has a diverse and progressive culture with over 100 spoken languages and a rich culinary scene, featuring authentic cuisines from around the world to nourish you at the end of any adventure. Enjoy over 130 annual festivals under clear blue skies (Manitoba averages more than 300 days of sunshine per year).

The Cultural Cradle
of Canada

Winnipeg boasts one of Canada’s busiest live music scenes and many one-of-a-kind arts and culture attractions, including the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet, Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, and WAG-Qaumajuq, one of Canada’s leading art museums.

photo of an indigenous gathering

Never Be Bored

Check out major sports and entertainment options like professional hockey, football, baseball, and basketball, as well as beaches, a world-class zoo, and all-season camping, hiking, and other outdoor fun in our provincial and national parks.

The father of a canadian family is helping his kids load up the mini van for some winter fun

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